how to buy dental insurance florida

dental insurance florida at practice management software their PMS and and go well that’s that’s the real money I should be collecting right better dental insurance florida.

dental insurance florida
dental insurance florida

They think that their net production is equal to their net collections hey that’s one that’s not the case net production does not equal net collections but .

They don’t want to have to be confused they don’t have to do any conversions it’s so

  • Important for you guys to track your adjustments so important so I’ve got my points that sherry you go ahead and you share.
  • What your prints are well it goes back to the just what we were just discussing there’s going to be a time
  • When some of these plans don’t work out for you anymore and you don’t know that until you start tracking your adjustments because
  • I have I we have a client who you know decide that they’re trying to evaluate.

Which plans they should be in and which plans they shouldn’t and so we look at this plan and we go well if we see tree patients in hygiene with this plan it equals to one patient in hygiene with this plan so maybe what we need to do is get more.

With this plan and and say goodbye to that plan because we have to see three patients for the one patient so those are and you don’t know that unless you’re tracking your adjustments and and even though you use adjusted production and.

your practice management software and you do it based on fee schedules there’s usually