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We dental insurance no waiting period can greatly improve a populations health so it’s time for another knowledge check and I’d like you to just list  dental insurance no waiting period four determinants of health and remember to be genes and biology health behaviors social societal characteristics .

  • Health services or medical care in our last knowledge check of the course just fill in the blanks using the two choices for number one as.
  • We move down the health impact pyramid the public health impact grows greater remember the base of the pyramid is the socio-economic factors as .
  • we move up the pyramid the health impact becomes greater in terms of the amount of individual effort.

That’s required again all levels of the pyramid are important but it’s just a nice framework for thinking about how interventions can be implemented at different levels within each of the topics we’ve covered in this course underlying all of our actions and decisions is .

The application of the public health core sciences I encourage you to build on this introduction to public health by learning more about these core Sciences and how .

they contribute to the field of public health let’s review the learning objectives fo:

  • This session the course provided cdental insurance no waiting period to help you describe the purpose of public health define some key terms used in public health you’ll recall .
  • we talked about epidemics health determinants the course helps you identify prominent events in the history of public health that’s where we looked at.
  • a few history historical highlights of public health through sanitation and environmental .

Health pandemics disaster preparedness and response and prevention through policy the course helped you recognize the core Public Health functions the three functions and ten essential services you should be able to describe .

The role of different stakeholders in the field of public health as well as to list some of the determinants of health and lastly you should recognize how individual determinants of health affect population health thank you for your attention today for.

The introduction to public health you to receive continuing education units CEU credits for today’s webinar please complete the webinar evaluation on CDC train by logging in and looking under my learning if you are one of your colleagues were not able to attend today’s webinar an archived version.