dental and vision plans | dental and eye insurance

dental and vision plans | dental and eye insurance

that go into dental and vision plans it hoping that answers you dental and vision plans know the thing that.

dental and vision plans
dental and vision plans

 Dental and vision plans about is whenever you’re doing these negotiations and you’re talking to the other.

the power I feel like they have all the power or at least I know that’s how long my Doc’s.

power so whenever you go in and talk to them you lay out these facts like this.

this something I mean I understand you #Pinterest know you know trying to increase certainly.

so that you can maximize those negotiations and things like that but whenever you’re.

for every client for every for the same insurance companies that do that do negotiate or  is it more of you know dependent on okay

we’ve got this practice here and we have no other practices and within a ten-mile radius and so they have more leverage and is that

something you guys  are armed with before you and it is a negotiation I mean again like I said I’m completely ignorant to the

negotiation process so I’m just trying to know that as much about as I can it’s an exact Sun question some of that  information is

definitely helpful and I think it does create some additional leverage you know let’s say if you’re you’re a doctor in the in the

middle of this rural area and there’s no other dentist around for four miles  right so that’s kind of that’s kind of a unique position where

you know we kind of chop it the bit a dental and vision plans a little bit and say why this is going to be excited because we’ve got all the leverage potentially on