Tips For Dentemax Success


it’s amazing and I’m so Dentemax happy that she was able to be a guest on  this episode so guys without further ado let’s see what she’s been up to lately dentist just movie and so  it’s how many years old is it seven well seven officially the two of us together.she had she built a small little

Dentemax  business called droppeth PPO where it was guiding doctors on how to get out of networks Oh a lot of doctors were that  was the process that she had gone through as the manager of her husband’s practice and and you know back back at that point.

Dentemax Te’o’s were very very heavy in that and the trend was to tread maybe limit participation so she got into that and then we actually started looking at a  little bit more comprehensively and and looked at doctors stablished practice that wanted to add carriers or figure out if they should stay in-network or  not or we added startups.


Which I managed to the startup side and so these are doctors that are opening their first practice typically and how do you position themselves how do you position  them so they’re not in a position where they’re being controlled by the carriers where they have some some some control over.

The process and and understanding how much they’re going to they’re going  to write off so we try to help clean up offices that are maybe a little under under water with insurance participation or putting their toes into it and and then we try to help in the set up a good foundation for doctors.

That are just  opening their first practices so that they may build a practice that’s not you know them running around like a hamster on a wheel without making any money so it’s it’s it’s a owner owner focused small company where we get to deal directly with with our doctors each of  them would deal with one of the owners again she she works with our established and I work with our startups and together together we form a pretty good brain mmm oh yeah no yeah