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Dental insurance texas it’s not gonna change it that much Dental insurance texas we are just gonna have lighter hair we don’t need do wait for you hair to be done so.

Dental insurance texas
Dental insurance texas

I already know that let me just put your chair a little bit like this okay there we go so you care it’s not gonna be a problem that we already know that he’s gonna be light he’s not gonna change a lot so we’re gonna start with your eyes first

We want to see which I shadows will look better on you depending on your skin tone and the color of your eyes we’re trying to find the perfect one okay let’s see here hmm maybe here right here in the middle .

I hate your eye color  okay look actually very cute let’s see here okay right hmm you’re definitely into they pair tones the Reds and do y’all wrench we sure this one’s her right here dad we’ll go complementary with the ones they’re right here and these are .

The colors that we’re gonna be using on you today do but you make cover especially Rinna Oh focus a lot in your very beautiful eyes mm-hmm same break you these two tones are gonna really benefit you there’s one right here this Which will be complementary to the back.

this one’s right here but this one are more likely for the winter and we are now into spring so we’re gonna go a few tones down which we can go with this ones or they stay right here and we can create

The look with those tones yeah and also we can go wait this one’s right here but we’re gonna focus on the other ones that I think is gonna compliment more your eye color and he will look more beautiful okay let me check your hair oh he’s going let’s see okay fix ready let’s go back into the shampoo